How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Saving on an energy bill is always a good idea. It’s good for home value, it’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your energy bill. This is especially true in more northern regions where cooler temperatures are more common. With a focus on insulation rather than venting, methods to keep hot air in a home are a major concern. If you live in cities like Edmonton, Canada, insulation options are aplenty. Spray foam insulation in Edmonton is a perfect way to save on your energy bill.

A major cause for high costs in the winter months is heat loss from gaps in the home. Whether natural or the result of age of the home, sucsnowy treeh gaps allow air, and thus, heat, to escape, raising your energy bill and taxing your furnace. Foam insulation is the perfect solution to this, but is difficult to handle and place. Standard insulation is an involved and expensive process, and though it works, is not ideal for small gaps or for homeowners on a budget.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Spray foam is easily available and perfect for filling gaps of any size quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently. It is a great way to deal with areas in your home such as the door to the attic, holes made from wiring, light recesses, and any random holes or crevices in the basement, where cold air tends to settle. Cold air sinks and heat rises, so taking care of heat loss through the basement is especially important for any homeowner looking to lower heating costs.

Why spend to have the walls and floors torn apart adding thick sheets of foam when it’s the little gaps that are the problem? Foam spray handles all sizes of problems, from spaces in the attic floor to wire holes in the basement. Besides the obvious benefit of reducing heat loss, spray foam offers other energy saving benefits as well. The extra foam improves roof life and durability, saving costly roof repair in the long run from damage caused by heat escape. A better insulated home means a more efficient HVAC system, so your furnace won’t overwork itself, meaning it will last longer.

taxThere are other incentives to consider spray foam as well. Many areas offer tax incentives and tax breaks for homeowners who update their housing to include proper, up to date insulation. Some contractors and installers offer rebate programs as well. So not only will you save on your heating bill, protect your home from extra wear and tear, and save on your property taxes, you can also save on the installation of spray foam itself.

Living in cooler climates has its own little hurdles in life, and a heavily used furnace is one of them. Spray foam insulation in Edmonton is a great way to save on your energy bill, lower house repair needs, save on taxes, and, above all, make for a more comfortable home that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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