Seven Options To Finance A Laser Business Printer

Is funding your projects becoming an obstacle? Well, you may now relax and have abundant peace of mind. Research shows that it has increasingly become possible for a person to acquire any asset without having initial funds to acquire starting business capital. If you are targeting to buy the hp wide format printer but you do not have enough capital, don’t be discouraged, there are many sources of funding.

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Borrowing a loan from bank:

If you do not enough saved, have a business plan and fairly decent credit, consider a business banking line of credit. It is advisable to draft supportive financial documents that would include how you would refund the loan and as well as presenting collateral to the bank and acquire money to buy the electronic.

Alternatively, request for microloans:

Many commercial banks remove bureaucratic steps in front of persons wishing to take a microloan. It would therefore extremely raise your chances of being awarded the microloan to buy the hp wide format printer.


It requires you to review your personal and business savings carefully. Many people have high monthly income, but they are not able to save some part of their earning for future events. This calls for individual responsibility to be disciplined in matters concerning financial planning. It is a good way of tapping the money that was otherwise wasted in impulse buying of miscellaneous spending.

A mini crowd funding:

By bringing together, the majority of your family and friends to contribute to your project, you would in turn present your financial requirements and provide a timeline when the funds would be returned. It would serve as the starting point and at times the accumulated amount would even supersede what was initially required for the project.


The use of a credit card:

This would involve purchasing goods and acquiring service at a credit, and when you later load money into your credit card, the amount that you had spent would be deducted to cater for the payment. This would be ideal if you’re purchasing an hp wide format printer, but you do not have enough liquid cash to pay for it.

 Meeting potential donors;

Making friends with the high-end people would expose someone to a lot of benefits. When these rich people realize that you are not after their money directly buy after a project that would create self-employment for you, they are most likely going to support you financially. This would give a financial break for both of you.

Use of a combined efforts:

This requires getting people with the same interest as yours and enlisting the help from friends, family, and colleagues. If the group consists of five members, you should plan for a weekly meeting and each of you would contribute and buy a wide format printer for one person. The cycle continues until all the members have acquired the same gadget.

It is therefore very possible to have different sources of money to finance your hp wide format printer!

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