Installing Bamboo Flooring Means Tax Credit

Bamboo flooring has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. It is readily available, highly renewable and very resilient. People who have this type of exotic flooring in their homes stand to gain several benefits. Cleaning bamboo floors is very easy using a solid bamboo surface cleaner. It is also very straightforward to maintain and gives someone a natural feeling while living on it. Most of the other materials used for flooring are not natural, for instance, tiles. Unlike most of the other flooring materials, Bamboo floors are warm. They are very convenient, especially in the cold regions.

Bamboo flooring has a significant benefit to the owner. This is because it qualifies for tax credits. In the year 2010, most of the home energy-saving upgrades, as well as Eco-friendly home expenditures, qualify for tax credits. This tax credit is applicable at the rate of 30% of the expenditure whose cost is up to $1500. The expenditure must be aimed at home energy efficiency or home Eco-friendliness. A tax credit is regarded to be more valuable that a similar tax deduction. This is so because tax credit decreases tax dollar for dollar. On the other hand, tax deduction only rids of a particular percentage of the tax that was owed to the state.

dark-bamboo-being-installedA bamboo floor is very easy to take care of. Cleaning bamboo floors and keeping them free of dirt is critical. Dirt, as well as dust, destroys bamboo flooring if it is exposed to them for a given period. To effectively clean the floor, it is recommended that one use a bamboo surface cleaner. A soft cloth is also suitable for cleaning as it effectively gets rid of the dust and dirt. Hard materials are not suitable for cleaning as they push the dirt and the dust around instead of removing it.

Consistency maintenance of the bamboo floor is recommended to ensure that the floor lasts long. Regular cleaning of the floor with bamboo surface cleanser is an ideal way of maintaining the floor. There is also need to take into consideration of the shoes, rugs and mats that will be used on the floor. Shoes with sharp heels are not suitable for use on the floor as they can easily bore holes on the floor. The holes become large depressions with time, and this makes the floor uncomfortable. Bamboo floor is very beneficial to the homeowner. Aside from the tax credits, there are also other benefits such as durability and ease of cleaning and maintaining.

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