Dentist With Amazing Financing Options

Long Beach Dentist

The most-trusted and well-patronized Long Beach dentist you have known does not just provide the best services but also provides the most flexible options of payment. With the best services and facilities coming along with the method of payment you find suitable, you are definitely in for a wonderful experience in caring for your teeth.

The Services

Dr. Stephen Coates’ clinic provides not just the satisfying quality of dental health care services, but also the most practical and applicable one for the client. Hailed as a skilled Long Beach dentist, the client is guaranteed with the best operations, the most comprehensive consultation and the best practical solution for any healthcare needs. Among these health care operations and services include cleanings and exams, crowns and bridges, extractions, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants as well as sealants & fluoride.

The Prices

The price for each process varies, depending on the complexity of the operation and the equipment that will be used for it. Despite the various range in prices, it is assured that it will be reasonable and that you will get the best of the money you have paid for in quality and satisfaction. They offer particular discounts and specials to certain groups of people and during certain seasons, each with different features and privileges clients will surely find helpful.

The Method of Payment

Whether you prefer paying with cash or with credit, you are still assured of availing any of the services. Both of these methods of payment are accepted by the well-hailed Long Beach dental clinic. Health Insurances are also welcomed by the clinic, given that the insurance covers the one to receive the services. Healthcare credit card is also a good method of payment—which works like a regular credit card—is honored by the dental clinic as well.

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